Small Business Loans

Kingdom Kapital is your right partner for a Small Business Loan

Our Small Business Loan programs are specially designed for business owners who need working capital for daily operations, financing to buy or upgrade equipment, hire more employees, consolidate debt or even pay the rent.
Applying and getting approved for our Small Business Funding Programs is simple. First, it is important that you define what you will fund with the money and then how long you want to have the money for. If you are worried about having a low credit score, don´t be; while we do look at your credit score, the most important decision factor is your credit to debit ratio.

Kingdom Kapital provides Small Business Loans to the following industries


Medical and Dental




Non profit


Beauty Salons




Taxi and Limo


Auto Repair Shops



Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to apply for a Small Business Loan?

  • Time in Business –1 year
  • Business Annual Revenue-$120k
  • Business Bank Account –Yes
  • Fill out our online form.
  • Send application and statements to
  • Personal FICO Score-None!

If approved what are the terms and interest rates?

  • Minimum Small Business Loan Amount is $15,000
  • Maximum Small Business Loan Amount is $1,000,000
  • Estimated Loan Term is 3-24 months
  • Rates go from 10% to 45%

Getting approved for a Small Business Loan does not require collateral

You can apply in minutes, get approved in a few hours and have the funds available even the same day!

Our team of professional loan experts will work with you from start to finish and we guarantee open lines of communications and dedicated customer service to answer any of your questions. Normally once you have paid 50% of your Small Business Loan you will be eligible for refinancing. Our Small Business Loans have a daily pay back structure with could be seen as an inconvenient but it actually encourages business owners to become better money managers.

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