For inventory

Apply today for a Merchant Cash Advance and use it wisely to purchase inventory. Repayments are done based on your daily sales. If your sales are low, your repayment is lower. When your sales increase you will payback faster.

There are many benefits in our Merchant Cash Advance, specially the fact that repayments are done based on your daily credit card sales.

Additionally the application process takes literally minutes and the approval process just a few hours. Funds are deposited into your business bank account as soon as 24 hours after.

Most noteworthy your business can get approved for up to 200% of your monthly credit card sales. In addition, Kingdom Kapital´s Merchant Cash Advance programs are available nationwide and for all industries as long as you process Credit Cards in your daily operations. Also known as a business cash advance, the Merchant Cash Advance is funding based on your companie´s future receivables.