For short term capital needs

Using a Merchant Cash Advance for upgrading equipment is a smart move since it contributes to your business expansion.

Kingdom Kapital´s Merchant Cash Advance program for equipment has proven to be the easiest and most reliable funding program in the nation.

Compared to bank loans, which normally takes weeks to get approved, our business cash advances will be deposited into your account in a day or two. There are also no restrictions on the use of the funds.

If you want to know more about using our Business Cash Advance to purchase equipment, please contact one of our loan experts at (929) 263-2295. Providing you with a quote for any of our business loans is at no cost to you and means no obligation. Kingdom Kapital does not charge any upfront fee or hidden fee. Contact us today and find out why Kingdom Kapital is the #1 source for business funding in the Web.